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Ever wonder if you should buy EUR/USD after it goes down 5 days in a row? Or, what if today you bought the 3 biggest losing currencies from yesterday? Our cloud based Forex strategy tester uses algorithmic trading methods to help you find Forex winning systems that make money in currency trading. No programming knowledge is needed, there is no software to download, and no registration is required. Use our vast historical foreign currency price quote database (we cover all the major currency pairs) to see what is profitable and what isn't. You can either play around with our 100+ pre-built Forex strategies, or you can create your own Forex strategies from scratch by combining indicators such as moving averages, bollinger bands, RSI, weekend gaps, and price movements. Again, no knowledge of computer programming is needed. Just use our menu to pick and choose what you want to backtest, click a button, and in a few seconds you will see your results. If you are not sure which strategies to use, let us discover the best strategy for you automatically with our genetic algorithm. Everything on our site it completely free. We make money only from the banner ads, so we don't have a paid version, we don't try to get you to buy a "get rich quick" type seminar/book/video, and we don't sell your personal information. If you have always wanted to try to beat the Forex market, this is your chance. Click the "Backtest Now" link on the menu at the top of this site to get started.

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FXBacktester.com strategies you can backtest (more coming soon):

Candlestick pattern strategies you can use: